A “Commercial” Message for PVI’s Newest Agent – Debbie Svetich

Debbie S. Bio

Although Debbie Svetich is fairly new to PVI Country, having joined us in April of this year, she certainly is not new to the insurance industry. In fact, 2019 marks 40 years in the business for Debbie and we are very excited to have such a highly regarded and experienced agent as a member of our PVI Protection Team!

Debbie’s particular area of expertise is commercial lines insurance, for which she writes all lines. So rest assured that whatever your needs are: general liability, workers compensation, auto, property, professional liability, employment practices, cyber liability, inland marine, farm liability & property, Debbie’s got you covered!

Since becoming a licensed agent in 1979, Debbie continually keeps herself updated on current insurance coverages through continuing education classes. She has the designation of CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative) through the National Alliance Program. Being licensed for property and casualty and life and health means that – when it comes to your business insurance needs – Debbie is your premium agent!

Having spent 40 years in insurance, you might think that some of the polish would have worn off by now, but not with Debbie. She thrives on the challenge of being able to help business owners with their insurance needs to make sure they are insured in case of a covered insurance loss. She loves the sense of accomplishment of insuring a good fit between her customer and the right company.

But making the deal is only the first part of the equation. What Debbie really enjoys are the relationships that she has developed over the years. In fact, she has customers who have been with her for over 20 years, becoming friends in the process, and she truly values those relationships. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Debbie provides the best service she can by listening to the needs of her customers so that she can make sure they are protected in case of a loss. This is where Debbie’s strengths of honesty and integrity really shine, demonstrating her policy of “Insurance with Service” – which is more than just her personal tagline, it’s the way she does business.

As much as Debbie loves her job, she definitely is not all work and no play, but neither are they mutually exclusive. What does that mean? It means that she adores her family, but her family is in the business, too!

Debbie’s husband, Kevin, has his own insurance agency and their two daughters – Danielle and Dayna – work on the wholesale side for property and casualty insurance. Yes, all of their professions revolve around the insurance industry. Talk about a common interest! The rest of the family includes three precious grandchildren: Adison (11), Kody (8) and Reese (4). Not surprisingly, Debbie’s passion is her family and spending time together is her favorite pastime.

Debbie also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping and visiting National Parks. She also enjoys her hobbies of making mosaic pieces, beading and weaving.

Being an avid outdoorswoman, it seems appropriate that Debbie resides in Valley Center, which she has called home since 2017, having relocated from Escondido. Debbie says, “We live on Paradise Mountain and we never get tired of viewing Rodriguez Mountain. It’s very beautiful.”

For Debbie Svetich – with a family she loves, a job she enjoys, a lovely home with a view – saying she lives in Paradise definitely is a valid claim.

If Debbie can assist you with any of your business insurance needs, please give her a call or email her today!

Direct line: 760-913-6121

Email: debbie@pvins.com.

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PVI’s Signature Drink of the Month for June: There’s “Snow” other Drink Like It!

Barni brandon and landon

Barni, Brandon and Landon: Three of our favorite fellows at PVI and such cool dudes!

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to come up with a tasty treat for all you dads out there, and, boy, do we have a cool deal for you! In fact, it’s too cool for school, so it’s a good thing that it’s summertime!

And speaking of summer, what better time to introduce you to our Signature Drink of the Month than now – The PVI Polar “Papa”ccino!

That’s right, just in time for things to start heating up around here, PVI and Spins are ready to cool you down with this frozen delight!

In fact, it will give you such chills, that you’ll feel like you’re out on the slopes, surrounded by pristine snow, the wind blowing in your face as you freestyle your way to the bottom. (At least that’s the Spins we’re putting on it!)

The good news is, you don’t even have to go “cross-country” to enjoy this special offer! It’s as close as your local neighborhood Spins Coffee Truck!

Best of all, we are offering a BOGO (buy one, get one free), so that’s your “Signal” to grab your dad or favorite fellow and head on over to Spins for the PVI Polar “Papa”ccino! It will give you the perfect “lift” you need and keep you from getting “board!”

We can insure that any way you spin it, the PVI Polar “Papa”ccino will be a blast, but it won’t last! This cool offer is only good until the end of June, so be sure and get yours soon!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (across from Fat Ivors / Powerland Equipment), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm; and at Brick n Barn on June 22-23, from 10 am – 4 pm.

(One Buy One/Get One Free Offer per person per day through June 30th.)  


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PVI’s May Signature Drink of the Month – “Designed” to Keep Momma Happy!

PVI Momma Mochas

Mugging for the camera are PVI’s “Happy Mommas” (l-r) Debbie Svetich, Brooke Dunn, Justina Strausbaugh and Phyllis Knight.

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. So what does May bring? Momma Mochas, of course!

In honor of Mother’s Day, PVI is pleased to team up with Spins Coffee Truck for the rest of May to help you treat your Momma (or favorite female) to the perfect concoction to make her day as special as she is!

So what makes this drink the perfect concoction?

Momma gets to design it herself! That’s right! Her very own designer drink, compliments of PVI! Because, as another saying goes, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and, at PVI, we want Momma to be happy!

Of course, we’re not sure if that saying is true or not, but then, why take any chances? So come on down to Spins for the rest of May and take advantage of our special offer: Buy any drink for yourself, and then treat your Momma (or favorite female) to a free Mocha of her choice and design.

Also, we all know that one of mom’s favorite things is spending time with her loved ones, and this is the perfect opportunity to spend a little quality time together while enjoying our free offer. Yes, we’ll drink to that!

So be sure and take advantage of this special drink offer while it lasts! We can insure that any way you “spin” it, Momma will like you best!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

(One Buy One/Get One Free Offer per person per day through May 31st.)  

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“Momisms” and Memories

Momisms cropped

In honor of Mother’s Day, we at PVI thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to our moms, while giving you a little insight into what makes us tick. In other words, we want to share our personal “Momisms” with you. You know, those all-important life lessons that we learned from our moms. Like you, some of us have lost our moms and others are fortunate to still have theirs. Either way, their influence remains a major part of our lives, and we are pleased to share our Momisms and Memories with you.

As you can imagine, it’s very hard to condense a lifetime into a few sentences to pay tribute to our moms, but our PVI Team has done a great job in doing so, and we hope you’ll take the time to read our “labor” of love. It may even remind you of some of your own favorite Momisms and Memories…

Justina pro 2Justina Strausbaugh, Commercial Dept. Manager – I was lucky enough to grow up with a Mother who radiates compassion, graciousness & beauty. Our family often refers to her as our Cinderella, she treats everyone with whole-hearted kindness! My mother has given me amazing advice throughout my life and continues to do so, but it is her loving behavior that has taught me the importance of “treating others the way you want to be treated.” She lead by example and I hope to do the same, professionally and personally!

Brooke proBrooke Dunn, Personal Lines Manager – What my mother taught me most is a mother’s love is selfless. That moment you become a mother, everything else becomes secondary, a new love is born, one that cannot be broken. Your love is unbreakable. We are not perfect, but imperfections make us who we are. We continue to love and learn from the best gifts we ever receive – our children.

Maricruz proMaricruz Avelar, CSR – When I think about my mom, Isabel Avelar, I can’t help but to smile and be so grateful to have such an amazing hard-working, strong woman in my life. She took on the roll of mom and dad, and provider for our family when our father passed away. She is my inspiration to always do my best, never give up and to always set goals and exceed them. She is always so caring, and it shows, from waking up every morning at 5am to cook food before she leaves to work, to always being there when we need a shoulder to cry on, or just somebody to talk to. She is the foundation to our family and we 5 would not be who we are without her. I owe all my success in life to her and her support. In one word my mom is “amazing” and I love her and I am thankful for her not just on Mother’s Day, but every day when I wake up.

Debbie S.Debbie Svetich, Commercial Account Manager – My mother was my rock.  The person I have become is because of her guidance she gave me.  She taught me to be honest, to treat others with respect and to be the best I can each new day.  The closeness of family and love were the center of her life and I learned those values from her.  I only hope I have given my girls the same values and life experiences to continue in their lives and carry on to their children.  I am so lucky to have had her in my life!

Phyllis PVI proPhyllis Knight, Marketing Director – My mom was my best friend and I miss her terribly. Thankfully, her love and memories live on, as do her life lessons. My mom always told me “you get out of something what you put into it.” So whatever you do, if you want to enjoy doing it and reap the benefits, then do it the best you can – school, work, play, relationships, volunteering, serving, etc. That’s why I put my heart into what I do, always trying my best. Even if you “don’t win” you have a sense of pride and accomplishment in the effort. This life lesson has proven to be a real blessing to me and still serves me well.

Diane proDiane Wick, Marketing Assistant – When people were less than kind, my mother often reminded me to “Try to put yourself in their shoes.”  I’m so grateful that she taught me how to be empathetic. It has helped me to be more sensitive to those around me and given me a lot more patience when dealing with others. Thanks Mom!

Carmen pro

Carmen Rodriguez, Agent – My mom taught me that kindness, patience, understanding and love are the pillars to live by, and I am very thankful for that.

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See What’s Brewing with Barni

Barni and Ted

Wrapping up PVI’s “Team Member” Drink Specials is last – but definitely not least – the man himself, Barni Strausbaugh!

If you know Barni, then you know that he is a pretty basic guy, down to earth and not given to flights of fancy. However, he still has his own pizazz that he brings to everything he does!

So it should come as no surprise that his selection for PVI’s Signature Drink for April reflects his style and he is featuring his “Bariana Grande” for you to enjoy!

So what is a Bariana Grande?

Well, you take a basic mocha, add a little vanilla, throw in some delicious Mexican chocolate and then top it off with some cinnamon and there you have it!  The Bariana Grande! By the way, the “Grande” doesn’t refer to size (it comes in small, medium and large) but because it is BIG on taste! It’s also delicious hot or cold, so you even have time to try it both ways between now and the end of April and receive your drink for half off, compliments of PVI!

So stop into Spins Coffee Truck and order the “Bariana Grande” and get ready to enjoy the perfect taste combination. If you forget the name, no worries. Just ask for “Barni’s Brew” and Ted will know what you mean.

So try the “Bariana Grande” today! We can “insure” that your taste buds will thank you! Enjoy!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

(One Half-Off Offer per person per day through April 30th.)  
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“March” on over to Spins for PVI’s Signature Drink of the Month!

Me, Diane and Ted

As most of you know, at PVI we are all about “Teamwork” and that’s why we’re excited to announce this month’s PVI Signature Drink of the Month for March!

Now, you may be wondering (understandably), “What does Teamwork have to do with March?” Well, the obvious answer is… nothing. However, PVI often “marches” to a different beat than all the others when it comes to the way we do business, including having our own Marketing and PR Team! And when it comes to teams, you would be hard-pressed to find one that works better together than our Marketing Team of Phyllis Knight and her assistant, Diane Wick!

In fact, we can only think of one pair that blends together better, and that’s the “Dream Team” of peanut butter and chocolate! That’s right – America’s favorite flavor combination and one that’s guaranteed to make you swoon when you taste how Ted “Spins” this drink for March!

Just like peanut butter and chocolate bring out the best in each other, the same is true for Phyllis and Diane. Their flavor can be seen throughout our publications and in PVI’s community involvement, and we believe it enhances all they do.

And one of the their favorite things (in addition to peanut butter and chocolate!) is sharing with our community, so they are excited to offer “Peanut Butter Cup” as our PVI Signature Drink for March! We could describe the drink in more detail, but it’s a wonderful combination of peanut butter and chocolate, pretty much all you need to know, right? 

So just stop by Spins Coffee Truck between now and the end of March, mention it by name, and you’ll receive a “free” PVI Peanut Butter Cup to share with your favorite team member! Yes, it’s a buy one, get one free – another great pairing brought to you by PVI!


Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

(One BOGO per person per day through March 31st.)  
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PVI Establishes “Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism” Scholarship

Van Quackenbush desk

The Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism Scholarship was created by PVI to recognize and honor Mr. Quackenbush’s legacy to Valley Center. Mr. Quackenbush, who passed in 2015, was the grandfather of PVI’s Manager, Brandon Strausbaugh.

Mr. Quackenbush had a long history of buying, selling and launching small-town newspapers during his career, assisted by his wife, Marjorie, who was his partner in life and business. Eventually, they wound up in Valley Center, where they began publishing the Valley Roadrunner in 1974.

van and wife

In the first issue, dated March 1, 1974, Mr. Quackenbush wrote, “We think No. 10 is our last paper because we regard the “Highway to the Stars” (a historical reference to Valley Center) as the bit of acreage closest to Heaven as a body can get. And when Home is Heaven…well, what’s the point in looking any farther?”

And stay they did. During his fifteen years of owning and publishing the Valley Roadrunner, Mr. Quackenbush made a name for himself as a trusted and respected businessman and member of the community. He was involved in numerous organizations, served on many Boards, and went above and beyond to do his civic duty and to give back to the community.

Together, during their tenure in Valley Center, the Quackenbushes (the original Dream Team) forged a legacy of honor and integrity in both their personal and professional lives.

It is PVI’s pleasure to recognize and honor Mr. Quackenbush’s contributions to our community, both personally and professionally, by awarding the Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism Scholarship to a deserving graduating senior from Valley Center High School, beginning in 2019.

Van Quackenbush smiling

(Please click here for the downloadable scholarship application.)

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