Vitality for Life!

Life - splashing water


  1. exuberant physical strength or mental vigor
  2. capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence
  3. power to live or grow

In case you haven’t heard, September is “Life Insurance Awareness Month.” But rather than focus on life insurance, per se, we – at PVI – would rather focus on “Life Assurance.”

So what do we mean by that? In essence, it means that we love to provide information and opportunities for you to enhance your life, which includes protecting yourself and your family, and improving your health.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Vitality Program from John Hancock. In fact, we’re so excited – that members of the PVI Team are signing up for it, too! Here’s a brief overview of the program:

Life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program rewards you for the healthy activities you do every day. And now, you can earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for an initial small payment when you become a John Hancock Vitality member. Simply exercise regularly to earn Vitality Points and see the cost of your Apple Watch go down. The more Vitality Points you earn, the less you’ll pay. Here’s how the program works:

  1. Order your Apple Watch for an initial payment of $25 plus tax.
  2. Walk, run, bike, swim or do any number of exercises you enjoy and earn Vitality Points that go toward your monthly watch payments over a 24-month period.
  3. Earn 500 fitness-related Vitality Points per month over two years and you’ll pay no additional charges.

Plus, the Vitality Points you earn along the way can also lead to additional rewards and discounts, as well as savings on your annual life insurance premium!

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new program from John Hancock (which also includes a program for older adults), give us a call and let PVI help you save money while adding vitality to your life!

Call today! 760-749-2383

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Mixing It Up with VC Oil

Dave B. VC Oil

If you’ve been around Valley Center for any length of time, you probably have had the pleasure of meeting Dave Bohorquez, owner of Valley Center Oil Corp. If not, let us introduce you with a little history:

The VC Oil building, located at 28010 Valley Center Road, has been a fixture in Valley Center for close to 80 years. Dave’s family took over the business in 1976 and Dave assumed the business in 2010.

One of the things you notice when talking with Dave is that he lives small, but thinks big. He has loved the small-town community aspect of Valley Center since he was a teenager working at the business during the summer for his uncle. Later, after his dad took over the business, Dave filled in when his dad was dealing with health issues, and Dave discovered he really enjoyed the interaction he had with locals who would stop by and chat for a bit. In fact, that remains his favorite part of the business! Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to do that as much as he’d like.

You see, Dave is a busy guy! Not only does VC Oil offer gas (full- and self-service), but they also have a mini-mart (snacks, drinks, beer & wine, gifts/knick-knacks, etc.), a full-line of auto parts, U-Haul, and propane. Now Dave also is in the process of adding a new venture to the mix – a Little Caesars Pizza Express that should launch within the next 4-6 months. (He also has some other ideas he’s working on, but those aren’t for public “consumption” yet.)

Dave B pizza shot

Dave standing in the location of the future home of his Little Caesars Express

Although the saying goes that oil and water don’t mix, that certainly is not the case at VC Oil, where Dave has opened his doors – so to speak – to car washes for numerous community groups and charitable causes to help support their respective fundraising efforts. Dave provides the space, water and hoses; and the groups provide the labor, soap and tools. Together, a lot of money has been raised to support community members and various activities. In fact, another car wash is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th, that will benefit VC Firefighters. (The car wash also includes a barbecue.)

Dave and his family also are longtime supporters of 4-H, well known for buying animals at the annual auction and donating to the scholarship fund.

So as you can see, Dave and VC Oil reflect the best scenario for our community: offering first-class services, while serving our community with class. In other words, a perfect mix for Valley Center!

Be sure and check them out on Facebook! 

VC Oil

28010 Valley Center Rd

Valley Center, California




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Score Another One for the Home Team!


Although Marisela Enriquez is new to the PVI Team, she certainly is not new to Valley Center, having been born and raised in our community. And one of her favorite things about working for PVI over the last six months has been the opportunity to meet more of her neighbors and assist them in her position as Front Office Coordinator. As a result, she is very excited about the new relationships that she has formed with members of our community.

As is true of all PVI Team Members, Marisela is capable of wearing many hats, but her area of expertise is processing DMV transactions, in which she is BPA-certified. Her duties include all aspects – from renewing a registration to processing a title transfer. So if you need someone to drive the DMV process for you, give Marisela a call!

Marisela is a perfect fit for PVI and she is very adept at filling in as needed. If you stop by the PVI office, chances are that her face is the first you’ll see, which insures you of a warm welcome as it is her policy to greet everyone with a big smile and an offer of help. She thrives on being of service to our customers!

As far as future plans go, Marisela really enjoys working in the insurance environment, and she hopes to become an agent soon, so she is working toward that goal.

But as much as she loves it, all is not work with Marisela. What drives her outside of work is her passion for her family, and in particular her four-year-old son, Sunnie. She loves spending one-on-one time with him, and she also enjoys being with her extended family. She is thankful they live close enough to get together every weekend!

Also, since Sunnie just started school at Valley Center Primary, Marisela plans on volunteering there as much as she can. As she said, “I love doing arts and crafts with the kids!”

Marisela is pleased to be raising her son in her hometown. As she says, “I love Valley Center! I feel we have a great community. Valley Center is such a small town and I feel everyone is super involved with everything.”

At PVI, we couldn’t agree more, and we are fortunate to have Marisela as a part of our Home Team!

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PVI Swims with the Sharks

Shark Sponsorship

Silver Sharks, Gabriel Perpetua (l) and Wyatt Hill, are on the ball when it comes to accepting the team sponsorship check from PVI. Also pictured are Brooke Dunn (l) and Jenny Boulos (r), both with PVI, and Jennifer Hill (center).

As a business that was “born and raised” in Valley Center, one of PVI’s greatest pleasures is being able to support the young people of our community. So when we were asked to sponsor the Valley Center Peewee Soccer Team – the Silver Sharks – we took the bait and embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm! And from the smiles on the faces above, I guess you could say the partnership is going swimmingly.

The Silver Sharks team is comprised of four and five year olds, and we would like to introduce you to these cuties! Pictured below are (l-r) Beckett, Zach, Sophia, Eva, Summer, Tayla, Gabriel and Wyatt. (To see a brief video of of this picture, please click here.)


Their coaches, Sarah Sanchez and Assistant Coach, Stacy Huggins, put the emphasis on good sportsmanship and teamwork, while learning the basics of the sport. Which, naturally, insures a good time for all!

Of course, no sports team is complete without the Team Moms, and pictured below are Jessica Perpetua (l) and Jennifer Hill.

sharks moms

The Silver Sharks had their first game on Saturday, September 8th. It was a really hot day, but the team didn’t let the heat slow them down, as you can see in this short video that captured a little of the action.

We’ll catch up with the Sharks a little later in the season, but in the meantime, if anything comes up, we’ll drop you a line.


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An Engaging Story with a Nice Ring to It

Brandon & Justina cropped

At PVI, we love being a part of this wonderful community and being good neighbors. Which also means we love being a part of your life’s journey, and sharing in the events that are special to you – your successes, your accomplishments, your milestones. You know, those important moments in our lives that change our course for the better. That’s what keeps us all connected.

Naturally, we all love to share the happy times with each other, such as, say, engagements and weddings. Speaking of which, we have a little news on that front of our own. In case you haven’t heard, two of our PVI Team members are a “team” themselves and recently made it official, so to speak. So it is with great pleasure and a little fanfare that we announce the engagement of Justina Ossana and Brandon Strausbaugh!

Although Brandon and Justina make quite the team, both personally and professionally, on the personal front they are blessed to have another member of the team (who also is their cheering squad) “almost-13-year-old” Landon.

Justina and Landon

Although we work hard at PVI, we know that life isn’t just about insurance, it’s about finding others who share in making the good times better (and the bad times bearable), not unlike the members of a community, and that’s why we’re so excited to share this story with you.

Although PVI can’t always “insure” the future, in this case, it definitely has insured a happy beginning!

Congratulations, Brandon and Justina! (And Landon, too!)


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PVI Continues CAN (Community Action Network) Meetings

Joe Napier 2017

VC Fire Chief Joe Napier to be Guest Speaker at September 20th CAN Meeting.

In response to the need and desire for a forum where the community could gather and hear updates on issues of interest and concerns from local law enforcement, the fire department and other related community organizations, Valley Center Happenings launched the CAN (Community Action Network) meetings a few years ago, and then continued as the sponsor. These meetings proved to be a great resource to the community and were enthusiastically supported by our first responders to keep our community informed.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to announce that PVI will be continuing the CAN meeting tradition established by Valley Center Happenings, and we are very pleased to be sponsoring these important, informative meetings going forward.

After a brief break for the summer, we are excited to be kicking off our fall schedule with VC Fire Chief, Joe Napier, as the guest speaker at the September 20th meeting. Chief Napier will be addressing the following:

* Update on Development in the Community

* Update on Fire Department Activities (Our Participation with Local Fires and Fires in Northern California)

* Update on Fire Explorers

* Update on Community Volunteer Opportunities

* Update on Ballot Revenue Measure SS

In addition to Chief Napier, representatives from the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept., the VC Municipal Water District, as well as other community representatives will be in attendance and sharing updates.

The community is invited to join us and we hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to hear what’s happening in our community! Also, attendees have the option of briefly sharing about themselves and their respective business and/or organization.

So mark your calendar for Thursday, September 20th!

CAN (Community Action Network) Meeting
VC Community Hall
28246 Lilac Road
8 am to 9:30 am
Refreshments served

If you have any questions, please email Phyllis Knight at

Working together, we CAN keep our community connected and informed!
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Coming Full Circle

Me and Brandon VCH to PVI

As General Manager of Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency, I have to say I was surprised to be approached in August of 2016 about the possibility of purchasing Valley Center Happenings. Although not something I was seeking, I will admit I was intrigued. Not because I had a burning desire to be a Publisher, but because I have always had the desire to serve the community I love, and Valley Center Happenings had a reputation for being a great service and resource to our community over the years.

Before I could even consider taking on this huge responsibility, I knew I would have to put someone in place who had an equal love for our community, a servant’s heart and experience in the media realm. So  I immediately approached Phyllis Knight (who at that time was responsible for Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency’s PR and Marketing), to assume the role of Managing Editor.

Although Phyllis initially told me “no” as she was concerned she wasn’t up to the task (because she was the primary caregiver for her parents), she reconsidered and agreed to the position because she truly loves our community and she said she was “excited about the opportunity to meet her neighbors and tell the stories of the wonderful and interesting people who call Valley Center home.”

So after much thought and consideration, I was proud to be the new owner of Valley Center Happenings as of November 1, 2016. For the past 21 months, it has been our pleasure to support and promote the members of our community by keeping you informed and connected.

Concurrently, I’m pleased to say, that Pauma/Valley Insurance has continued to grow and expand and, as a result, requires more of my time and energies – which I love because PVI truly is my passion – and I am no longer able to dedicate the time inherently required as Publisher for Valley Center Happenings.

And, since Phyllis and I have worked extremely well together as a team, first at PVI and then at Valley Center Happenings, it was only natural to ask her to reassume her role as Marketing Manager for PVI, effective immediately.

In regards to Valley Center Happenings, Phyllis said, “I’m thankful for the many friendships and working relationships that I’ve been blessed to form over the last 21 months. Valley Center Happenings will always hold a special place in my heart. I look forward to continuing to work – through PVI – to serve and support our community. We have many exciting activities coming up, and we look forward to sharing those with you soon!”

As Phyllis said, we are excited to continue to support Valley Center and our surrounding communities through some new programs and activities that we will be announcing and implementing in the near future. PVI has a long history of investing in and supporting our community, and we are excited to be able to expand our efforts in that regard.

Since we will no longer be a “Media Outlet” per se, we will no longer be reporting hard news, nor soliciting/running general contributions from the community; however, we will continue to write and share original stories on members of our community and cover and promote certain activities. We also will be starting back up our monthly emailed newsletter, The PVI Standard, that will provide timely information on topical issues. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Phyllis and I would like to thank you all for your support, encouragement and goodwill over the past 21 months. In particular, we would like to single out our wonderful advertisers, without whose support Valley Center Happenings would never have existed, and we hope you’ll continue to support these local businesses that invest so much in our community:

A-1 Irrigation Do It Best Hardware

Ann’s School of Dance

Armstrong Feed & Supply

Cosmic Solar

Countryside Veterinary Hospital

Joe’s Feed and Pet

John Yeager/Summit Mortgage

Krueger Realty

McKenna Septic & Sewer Services

Paradise Ridge Pet Clinic

Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency

Plumbing Werks

Ridgeview Church

Valley Center Community Aid Group

Valley Center Vehicle Registration Service

Also, thank you to our faithful contributors who provided us with so many stories, flyers, meeting info/agendas, as well as often critical and timely information and pictures.

Finally, as we move forward, we hope you’ll continue to support us as we continue to support our community.


Brandon Strausbaugh


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