See What’s Brewing with Barni

Barni and Ted

Wrapping up PVI’s “Team Member” Drink Specials is last – but definitely not least – the man himself, Barni Strausbaugh!

If you know Barni, then you know that he is a pretty basic guy, down to earth and not given to flights of fancy. However, he still has his own pizazz that he brings to everything he does!

So it should come as no surprise that his selection for PVI’s Signature Drink for April reflects his style and he is featuring his “Bariana Grande” for you to enjoy!

So what is a Bariana Grande?

Well, you take a basic mocha, add a little vanilla, throw in some delicious Mexican chocolate and then top it off with some cinnamon and there you have it!  The Bariana Grande! By the way, the “Grande” doesn’t refer to size (it comes in small, medium and large) but because it is BIG on taste! It’s also delicious hot or cold, so you even have time to try it both ways between now and the end of April and receive your drink for half off, compliments of PVI!

So stop into Spins Coffee Truck and order the “Bariana Grande” and get ready to enjoy the perfect taste combination. If you forget the name, no worries. Just ask for “Barni’s Brew” and Ted will know what you mean.

So try the “Bariana Grande” today! We can “insure” that your taste buds will thank you! Enjoy!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

(One Half-Off Offer per person per day through April 30th.)  
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Me, Diane and Ted

As most of you know, at PVI we are all about “Teamwork” and that’s why we’re excited to announce this month’s PVI Signature Drink of the Month for March!

Now, you may be wondering (understandably), “What does Teamwork have to do with March?” Well, the obvious answer is… nothing. However, PVI often “marches” to a different beat than all the others when it comes to the way we do business, including having our own Marketing and PR Team! And when it comes to teams, you would be hard-pressed to find one that works better together than our Marketing Team of Phyllis Knight and her assistant, Diane Wick!

In fact, we can only think of one pair that blends together better, and that’s the “Dream Team” of peanut butter and chocolate! That’s right – America’s favorite flavor combination and one that’s guaranteed to make you swoon when you taste how Ted “Spins” this drink for March!

Just like peanut butter and chocolate bring out the best in each other, the same is true for Phyllis and Diane. Their flavor can be seen throughout our publications and in PVI’s community involvement, and we believe it enhances all they do.

And one of the their favorite things (in addition to peanut butter and chocolate!) is sharing with our community, so they are excited to offer “Peanut Butter Cup” as our PVI Signature Drink for March! We could describe the drink in more detail, but it’s a wonderful combination of peanut butter and chocolate, pretty much all you need to know, right? 

So just stop by Spins Coffee Truck between now and the end of March, mention it by name, and you’ll receive a “free” PVI Peanut Butter Cup to share with your favorite team member! Yes, it’s a buy one, get one free – another great pairing brought to you by PVI!


Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

(One BOGO per person per day through March 31st.)  
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PVI Establishes “Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism” Scholarship

Van Quackenbush desk

The Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism Scholarship was created by PVI to recognize and honor Mr. Quackenbush’s legacy to Valley Center. Mr. Quackenbush, who passed in 2015, was the grandfather of PVI’s Manager, Brandon Strausbaugh.

Mr. Quackenbush had a long history of buying, selling and launching small-town newspapers during his career, assisted by his wife, Marjorie, who was his partner in life and business. Eventually, they wound up in Valley Center, where they began publishing the Valley Roadrunner in 1974.

van and wife

In the first issue, dated March 1, 1974, Mr. Quackenbush wrote, “We think No. 10 is our last paper because we regard the “Highway to the Stars” (a historical reference to Valley Center) as the bit of acreage closest to Heaven as a body can get. And when Home is Heaven…well, what’s the point in looking any farther?”

And stay they did. During his fifteen years of owning and publishing the Valley Roadrunner, Mr. Quackenbush made a name for himself as a trusted and respected businessman and member of the community. He was involved in numerous organizations, served on many Boards, and went above and beyond to do his civic duty and to give back to the community.

Together, during their tenure in Valley Center, the Quackenbushes (the original Dream Team) forged a legacy of honor and integrity in both their personal and professional lives.

It is PVI’s pleasure to recognize and honor Mr. Quackenbush’s contributions to our community, both personally and professionally, by awarding the Van Quackenbush Excellence in Journalism Scholarship to a deserving graduating senior from Valley Center High School, beginning in 2019.

Van Quackenbush smiling

(Please click here for the downloadable scholarship application.)

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Share Your Passion!

Justina and Ted

As we all know, February – and Valentine’s Day, in particular – is all about love. And, of course, at PVI we love being able to treat our community and our customers to the sweet offerings from Spins Coffee Truck with our monthly PVI Signature Drink.

So it seemed a natural to select Justina Strausbaugh to highlight her drink selection for February. If you have the pleasure of knowing Justina (who is our Commercial Department Manager), then it’s not a surprise that she is known for her passion – for her family, for her friends and for her customers at PVI. It’s also no surprise that when it came to her selection for PVI’s Signature Drink for February that she would be passionate about it!

So what is the PVI Signature Drink for February? Why it’s Justina’s Purple Passion Tea, of course! You can take it to heart when we say, not only will you love the taste of it, you’ll also love that for February we are running a BOGO (buy one, get one free), so you can share your passion with your sweetheart or friend!

Also, you’ll be happy to know that whether your passion runs hot or cold, both choices are available for your pleasure.

So stop by Spins Coffee Truck between now and the end of February and give Justina’s Purple Passion Tea a try. Not only will you love it with a purple passion, but we can insure that it will suit you to a “Tea!”

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.
(One BOGO per person per day through February 28th.)
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Brighten Your Day the Brooke Breve Way!

brooke and ted

                 Ted Hackleman (Spins Coffee Truck) and Brooke Dunn (PVI) share the “spotlight” for this month’s             PVI Signature Drink. 

Need a little something to light up your day and chase the chill of winter blues away? Then it’s time to head to Spins Coffee Truck!

Whether you need a breakfast-time boost or a lunch-time lift, be sure and stop by Spins for this month’s PVI Signature Drink Brooke’s Bodacious Breve! Just like nothing brightens up a room like Brooke’s smile, her Bodacious Breve will brighten up your day! With spiced brown sugar and half and half, it’s sure to be a hit! Bravo!

And speaking of “half and half,” stop by Spins Coffee Truck between now and the end of January and ask for “Brooke’s Bodacious Breve” (must mention by name) and you’ll receive half off your drink! (One half-off purchase per person per day through January 31st.)

We can’t do anything about the weather, but we can insure that Brooke’s Bodacious Breve will brighten your day and put a smile on your face, a great way to kick off 2019!

Happy New Year!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.

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Community Connects at Chamber despite Clouds and Chill

pvi chamber

Although the sun was almost a no show at the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce’s first “SunRiser” for 2019, members of the business community gathered outside the Chamber office this morning to kick off the New Year. The chilly weather failed to detract from the warm and cozy community spirit as attendees expressed excitement for the year ahead promoting and supporting local businesses.

brandon and bob

PVI was pleased to sponsor the event, which also introduced the new Chamber Executive Board for 2019: Bob Hunsaker (Krueger Realty), President; Brandon Strausbaugh (PVI), Vice President (both pictured above); Kim Cucinella (Krueger Realty), Secretary; and Sam Beckett (SWI Financial Services), Treasurer.

Christian McHugh (RockI.T. Information Technologies), Immediate Past President, shared several of the Chamber’s accomplishments from the past year and encouraged attendees to take advantage of the Chamber’s free advertising opportunities for members, a valuable benefit of membership.

As the event sponsor, PVI had the opportunity to introduce its Team Members, who each shared a little about their positions and activities at PVI. As Valley Center’s Most Trusted Independent Insurance Agency since 1978, PVI is proud of its standing in the community and works every day to earn and maintain that position.

pvi team chamberPVI Team Members (l-r): Diane Wick and Phyllis Knight (Marketing), Maricruz Avelar, Brandon Strausbaugh, Brooke Dunn and Justina Strausbaugh.

Special thanks to Eric Jockinsen (Erik Industries), Chamber Board Member, and Marian Walters, Chamber Executive Director, for setting everything up early this morning! Also, thanks to Julie Stroh/BStroh Events and Catering, for the delicious breakfast!

Today’s event was a great start to 2019! PVI is looking forward to continuing to support our local businesses and organizations throughout the year.

Happy New Year!





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I Got Connected Through “CAN” and You Can, Too!

tracy can sign

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was received from Tracy Smith, a Valley Center resident, who shared her personal thoughts and experiences regarding the CAN (Community Action Network) meetings. We hope you’ll read her story and see what a great resource these monthly meetings are to our community!

I received a cheerful email from Brandon at Pauma/Valley Insurance inviting me to the Community Action Network, or CAN meeting. Having recently retired, I really wanted to get to know this community, so I decided to go. I attended the November meeting and arrived at 7:45 am. Walking down the stairs, I meet Brandon who was setting up tables and chairs. He was outgoing and cheerful and promised a good time with lots of information. In the back of the room were a couple of deputies and this giant of a man named Lt. Dave Something-or-other. (Schaller) The deputies, I’m happy to report, were normal size. All of them were outgoing, smiling and introducing themselves. This should be an interesting morning.

Brandon was right! What an informative, wonderful meeting! I sat next to a CAL FIRE Chief, Nick Brown and a lovely goat farmer, Jane Kehr. And the meeting began. It was the day after the red flag fire warning had been called off and there was plenty of fire news. Joe Napier and Mike Shore, the Fire Chief and Fire Marshal, gave updates; Nick from CAL FIRE gave updates, the water district gave an update, the school district administrator gave an update, all personnel giving out information were direct, concise and helpful. But there was more. There was a real sense of caring, a sense of belonging to one another, a pride in the community. I relished it.

Brandon talked about the Community Action Network (CAN) being formed after the 2003 and the 2007 wildfires, when the community had to band together in order to survive. The community realized they needed a plan for future confrontations with nature and so began CAN, meeting monthly and pooling information and resources.

Something greater happened after the 2003 and 2007 wildfires. Something profound. Inspired by the love of community and heartfelt concern for each other, realtors and others formed the Valley Center Community Aid Group. They collect money and resources and distribute every dollar to those people in this community who need a hand. This band of angels continue their unsung watch to this day, looking for, vetting and meeting the needs of others.

The group laughed with Lt. Dave GIANT during his crime update, gleaning safety tidbits, we teared up with Mark from CHP telling us about the Community Aid Group and the assistance they offered during a horrendous personal tragedy. I was welcomed, given websites, emails and phone numbers. I chatted, listened and learned a great deal. I felt a part of something greater than myself, something profound. I felt as if I belonged.

Starting my truck up to head home, Nick Brown from CAL FIRE, jogged over to the driver’s side to thank me for coming and to wish me a good Thanksgiving. After noting the Navy Veteran sticker on my window, he also thanked me for my service. I drove away already looking forward to the next meeting and truly thankful for the people of this community.

(Note: The monthly CAN meetings (sponsored by PVI) are free and open to the community. They are held the third Thursday of the month at the VC Community Hall. Meetings start at 8 am with a continental breakfast, followed by a guest speaker(s), community updates and attendees sharing about themselves. The meeting concludes by 9:30 am. The next meeting is scheduled for January 17th, and Tracy Smith is one of our guest speakers! We would love to have you join us!)

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