Winery Insurance. Your property, our protection

Today, more and more wineries are using outside facilities for wine making, barrel storage, and case goods storage. This brings up the issue; who is responsible when a loss comes into play and whose Winery Insurance is going to cover a loss?

wine barrelsIf a facility is storing and shipping your case goods they are not responsible for insuring your product. You are required to provide a certificate of insurance that shows your property is insured and they have been added them as a location where you have property. The same applies if you have any property at another winery or barrel storage facility. Adding these additional locations to your policy ensures coverage for your property in the case of leakage, contamination and equipment breakdown.

It is important to consider adding an additional endorsement to cover products when they are in your care by AP clients. With this coverage it takes control of gross negligence on your part. This is one of the largest grey areas of winery insurance and causes the most grief as claims time. Call PVI and we’ll make sure your product is safe.

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