What You Shold Know When Your Teen Begins To Drive Part 1

As parents, we often can’t control what happens to our children as they grow up and begin to drive, but we can make sure they are properly prepared when they get behind the wheel. which  s why we recommend letting your teen drive as much as possible when they receive their learner’s permit

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Young drivers can never get too much practice,
  • Keep Calm: Teaching your teen to drive can push even the most patient parents over the edge, but it’s very important that  you don’t overreact while your teen is driving.Mercury_Teen_Brochure-cover
  • Talk to Your Child as You Drive: Take every opportunity to educate your child while you travel together. Turn off the radio and talk to him about safety hazards you encounter as you drive.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus: Driving requires complete focus and concentration, especially for beginning drivers. It’s estimated that driver distraction causes 25% of all police-reported traffic accidents, so make sure that she focuses on the road.
  • Maintain the Vehicle: Make sure that your teen’s vehicle is well maintained and in good working order. Bald tires, bad brakes, slipping transmissions, hesitant engines, and worn windshield wipers can all lead to accidents.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Let’s keep this simple. Drinking or getting high and driving is a death wish.

When  you teen passes their drivers test contact PVI and we’ll get your family the best  auto insurance rates in town.

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