Staying Safe While Carving Pumpkins This Year

It’s that time of year again- the decorations are out, costumes and candy are being purchased, and the nights grow colder and spookier. What more could you want?

A jack-o-lantern, obviously.

Carving pumpkins is an annual Halloween tradition celebrated and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. However, using sharp blades to punch out holes in pumpkins isn’t necessarily the safest activity. In fact, hand and finger injuries are extremely common when it comes to pumpkin carving activities. Here are a couple of safety tips:

Make sure you can see. Although this might sound ridiculous, you should not carvejack your pumpkin in the dark. You must have full visibility of everything and everyone around you. You wouldn’t want to accidentally cut someone else’s finger.

Don’t slip up. Pumpkins are filled with pulp, pumpkin juices, seeds, and all that jazz, so a slippery surface comes with the job. Dry off everything as much as you can in order to avoid a slippery knife.

Know your tools. Obviously, you will be using knives to carve out the pumpkin. Do not let young children use knives. Make sure that the knives are sharp enough to cut the pumpkin, but not dull enough to not work.

Kids and knives do not mix. You should never leave children unsupervised when it comes to carving. Even with the older crowd, make sure someone responsible is there. We recommend that younger children trace the design of their pumpkin and allow the adult to carve. That way, they get the fun of designing a pumpkin, but avoid the risk of injury.

Where should you carve? Always carve on a smooth, horizontal surface. Carve the top of the pumpkin off only after you have carved the face- this way, you avoid the temptation of holding the pumpkin on the other side and slicing your fingers.

Light the way. Use battery-powered candles. These candles give off the same illusion without the risk of starting a fire. Plus, you can use them for years!

We hope you keep these tips in mind as you enjoy the pumpkin carving/Halloween season! If you have any questions about insurance, don’t be afraid to contact us.

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