We Lunched and We Learned!

On Friday, April 22, PVI held its Annual Lunch ‘n’ Learn, this year sponsoring the AARP Smart Driver Course at the Valley Center Community Center. Although it was slated to be an “all day” class, due to the excellent presentation and responsiveness of the group, we were able to complete the course early, including plenty of time to enjoy a delicious lasagna lunch provided by Julie Stroh Catering.


Enjoying a mid-morning break. (L to r: Dr. Bob Fisher, Brandon Strausbaugh, Brad Quick and Terrill Burdick)

The class was presented by Al Fisher, PhD, assisted by his brother, Bob Fisher, PhD, both volunteers for AARP and passionate about teaching safe driving to seniors. In addition to learning numerous safe-driving tips, the class also covered the latest automotive safety technology and personal tips on staying healthy.

Here are just a few of the things we learned today:

Thirty-three thousand lives are lost annually on our nation’s highways, and 90% of those accidents are due to driver behavior.

Speed-related crashes are responsible for over 10,000 deaths each year, or basically one-third of traffic-related deaths.

Thirty-five percent of traffic violations for drivers 55 and over are issued for failure to yield right of way.

Medications are a major factor in accidents, and sleeping pills can cause effects lasting more than twelve hours after taken.

Pets in your car can be a distraction, but in particular a safety hazard for them and you, if not restrained. A 50-pound dog becomes 1500 pounds of force if you have an accident traveling just 35 miles an hour.


Coffee and donut time as early arrivals completed registration and previewed class materials.

Another benefit to participants of the class was receiving a certificate of completion to submit to their respective insurance carrier to receive a discount on their auto insurance.

PVI would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s event! It was a pleasure presenting this to our customers and our community. We have already started thinking about next year…


Sue and Brad Quick grab a “quick” meeting with Brandon over lunch.


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