Customer Corner – Ridgeview Church


Who doesn’t love a parade, right? Well, thanks to Ridgeview Church not only does Valley Center get to have a parade this year, it promises to be one of the best ones ever!

Earlier this year, when faced with the reality of no parade for our Annual Memorial Day weekend celebration, Pastor Bill Trok and the members of Ridgeview Church volunteered to carry the banner. They certainly were not looking to receive any accolades and they were well aware of the hard work that would be involved, but they believed carrying on this wonderful tradition for the people of Valley Center and surrounding communities was worth it!

Sure, there have been a few bumps along the parade route, but Pastor Trok and Marian Walters, Director of Admin at Ridgeview, have “led the parade” in integrity and dignity and have set a fine example for all of us.

Many hours of planning and preparation have gone into this year’s parade and celebration. Not just the name has changed this year, as there are many “firsts” to look forward to with anticipation! Particular tribute is being paid to our fallen heroes and they will be honored in numerous ways, including a fly-by and a “Wall of Remembrance.”

In addition to diligently working on the parade, which will be on Saturday, May 28 at 10 am, they also put together a very informative “Official Program” as your guide for a great weekend. The programs have been distributed at various locations around town.

Thank you Pastor Trok, Marian and Ridgeview for taking on this Herculean task! PVI salutes the dedication, support and hard work that you have contributed so far, knowing that your work is not yet done!

Also, thank you for the trust you put in PVI to allow us to insure this special event, and we are sure that it will exceed all expectations as we “Embrace the Future” while “Honoring the Past.”

For more information, please check-out the Valley Center Days website.

28094 North Lake Wohlford Road
Valley Center, CA 92082

(760) 751-9890

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