Temecula Valley Insurance and Jenny Boulos: The Perfect Pairing!


The Temecula Valley is known for many things, but perhaps most notably for its 35 wineries, labeling the area as Southern California’s Wine Country. Of course, the business climate that makes it ripe for wine growing, also provides the perfect setting for numerous other businesses to be planted and flourish. Of the many success stories in the area, our personal favorite happens to be Temecula Valley Insurance (TVI).

Seeing the potential for much growth in the Temecula Valley, and seeking the opportunity to expand Pauma/Valley Insurance (PVI) into other markets, PVI acquired TVI several years ago. After a few years of cultivating and laying the groundwork, TVI was well-positioned to move forward. One thing that was missing, though, was the right person to take the lead.

Enter Jenny Boulos. Jenny definitely had the experience and the know how to hit the ground running. She started in Life Insurance and Annuities sales over ten years ago. Then, about seven years ago, she added Property and Casualty Insurance sales to her repertoire. During her career in the insurance business, Jenny has become the epitome of integrity, hard work and dedication. She attributes her ongoing success to her personal conviction to always treat others the way you want to be treated. As she says, “Anybody can sell a product. But not everyone is ethical, reliable or responsible enough to make sure they get things done for you while keeping your best interest in mind.” Yes, you could say Jenny is the champagne of insurance agents!

Prior to assuming her position with TVI, Jenny was a State Farm Agent. Although she truly enjoyed the insurance business, she was not content being just one of the bunch. She felt tied down by the limitations of the products she was able to offer, and rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to serving her customers, she longed for the ability to provide a wide range of products across a much broader customer base. This desire to expand and grow, both professionally and personally, was the impetus she needed to become an Independent Agent. Being able to custom-tailor insurance portfolios to accommodate her customers, while growing the business, was a dream come true for Jenny. As she says, “Everyone has their own, personal story, and I enjoy hearing each one. I love being able to help people by making sure they are well protected based on their individual needs.”

Since Jenny began her career in Life Insurance, she obviously excels in that area, but she also has found a new niche in the Commercial Insurance field as well. With the Temecula Valley continuing to grow exponentially, Jenny has had the opportunity to meet with many business owners, and she truly enjoys assisting them in finding the right insurance they need to protect the assets they have worked so hard to create. Nobody gets crushed or stomped on Jenny’s watch!

Jenny says, “I admire the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner and love working in conjunction with them to help make their business successful!” She doesn’t just make the sale, she supports them in their adventure. Whether it’s patronizing a customer’s new restaurant or attending the opening of a new office, Jenny is there! She also makes sure that when it comes to utilizing her resources to benefit her customers, she does it with a passion that would make some other agents blush.

Jenny is a long-time resident of Temecula and loves her community. She is very supportive of local events and charitable fundraisers, including MS bike rides and Relay for Life. She enjoys being able to give back to the community and supporting her neighbors.

Jenny graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Minor in Spanish Literature, and is fluent in Spanish. Always striving to improve herself and the value she brings to her customers, Jenny currently is working on her CPCU designation, which she will complete in 2017.

Although Jenny lives in Temecula, she has strong ties to Valley Center. In addition to the obvious of PVI, she also is related to the Boulos family who own the Country Junction Deli. She loved spending time here when she was growing up. As she says, “I have always liked coming to Valley Center to visit family and I love the area. Now, working with the PVI Team provides another great reason to visit!”

Although Jenny dedicates a tremendous amount of time and talent to growing TVI, she still makes time to spend on the playing field. She is on two soccer teams: women’s and coed. Jenny also enjoys cycling, spending time at the beach, golfing and hiking. In essence, anything outdoors and she’s pretty much up for it!

As you can see, Jenny doesn’t do anything halfway! And that also includes her personal life. Jenny recently became engaged, so this is an especially exciting time for her! (She met her future husband playing on the coed soccer team!) We all wish her much happiness in this new chapter of her life!

Speaking of exciting times, it is worth mentioning that the vine that connects TVI to PVI is a strong one, which is very fortunate for the customers of both businesses. In a time when many independent insurance agencies are being absorbed by the large insurance companies, or turned into mulch, or just barely keeping their head above ground, TVI and PVI customers can enjoy the benefits of being grafted to a strong, solid, growing and expanding, truly independent insurance business that is flourishing! TVI and PVI are grounded in customer service, and thanks to you – our loyal, long-term customers – together, we can continue to bear much fruit!

Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency (PVI) is vintage 1978, when it was established by Barni Strausbaugh, and has earned the distinction of being Valley Center’s most trusted insurance agency. It’s obvious that PVI, like a fine wine, just gets better with age!

Temecula Valley Insurance Agency

Jenny Boulos – Managing Agent




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