Beach Preparedness Can Pay Dividends


Due to our recent record-breaking temperatures (which mean warmer ocean temperature), the number of expected beach-goers this 4th of July holiday weekend may hit an all-time high. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands who will be hitting San Diego County beaches this weekend, there are some important things you should know before you go.

In addition to the expected number of visitors, there also will be heightened security measures in effect, which means additional law enforcement personnel onsite. So, it’s important that everyone is aware of the rules that will be enforced, especially new ones which have recently gone into effect. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No glass containers (for drinking and/or condiments)
  • No dogs, other than service animals (except on established Dog Beaches)
  • No balloons
  • No beach fires outside of onsite fire pits
  • No fireworks
  • No “closed” tents (For security reasons, all shelters must have open visibility.)

Please note: Styrofoam coolers are not “prohibited” but officials are requesting you not bring them as they are considered an environmental safety hazard.

As always, practicing water/beach safety will be extremely important this weekend, especially in a crowded setting where you may not be as visible. According to the National Weather Service, “Although surf and swell will gradually lower during the holiday weekend, rip currents and hazardous swimming conditions may still be a concern. Strong rip and longshore currents will create very hazardous swimming conditions, and rip currents may pull swimmers out to sea. Sneaker waves can suddenly wash people off rocks and jetties.”

Also, remember that rip currents are typically more frequent and stronger around jetties, inlets and piers. Swimmers who become caught in a rip current can escape by swimming parallel to the coast before coming to shore. If you are unable to break free, try to tread water and call for help.

It is our hope that, with just a little planning and precaution, you can help “insure” you have a wonderful and safe time at the beach this holiday weekend and all summer long!

But wherever you choose to spend it, we hope you have a very happy 4th of July celebration!



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