Do You Remember 1978?


The average price of gas was .67 a gallon

An 8-track tape player was $169

Disco was the latest dance craze

Median housing cost (CA) $70,890; (US) $48,700

Hungry, Hungry Hippos was the “must have” Christmas toy

Space Invaders debuted in video arcades

Barni Strausbaugh founded Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency (PVI) in Valley Center, CA

As you can see, a lot of things have changed since 1978, but there is one thing that has not changed, and never will, and that’s the solid principles on which PVI was established. Thirty-eight years later, our mission and goals remain the same – building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and respect, while providing you with unparalleled policies and service. As Independent Agents, we have the freedom to be able to custom-tailor personalized solutions for all your insurance needs.

We are committed to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism. Putting the needs of our clients above all and remembering that the protection and peace of mind of our customers, has always been, and will always be, our number one priority.

That is why PVI remains “Valley Center’s Most Trusted Independent Insurance Agency Since 1978.”

Now, isn’t it nice to know that there are some things that will never change?


Give us a call today for all your insurance needs! 760-749-2383

Or email us at

Pauma/Valley Insurance Agency, Inc.

27357 Valley Center Road

Valley Center CA 92082


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