PVI Fills-in at Chamber SunRiser


When faced with the possibility of having to cancel the Chamber of Commerce’s July SunRiser (due to scheduling conflicts within the Chamber) Pauma Valley Insurance (PVI) was asked to pinch hit and serve as host, which they gladly did. In fact, they stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!

The PVI team arrived early to set-up and make sure everything was good to go. From the delicious buttermilk waffles (made onsite) to the rest of the fresh fare, everyone agreed it was the PVI standard (always a cut above).


Brandon Strausbaugh, PVI Manager and Chamber Board Member, served as today’s host, welcoming members and guests and facilitating introductions. He also thanked his Team: Justina Ossana, Brooke Dunn, Carmen Barrera and Maricruz Avelar for all their help in making the SunRiser a success!


Sponsoring today’s event was the Valley Center Building Committee. Representing the Committee was Eric Jockinsen, who defined the purpose of the Committee, which is to raise, receive and disburse funds for the expansion and maintenance of the Valley Center Community Center as well as assisting the Parks and Recreation Department in its efforts to expand the park system. Thank you Valley Center Building Committee for sponsoring this morning’s SunRiser! For more information on the Committee and how you can help preserve our heritage, please check out their website: http://www.vcbc.net.

In closing, Brandon also reiterated PVI’s program to promote the Chamber, and thus other local businesses as well. PVI will donate $50 to the Chamber for each new insurance policy that (current) Chamber members purchase through PVI. This program has been very successful at putting money back into the community. For more information, please give us a call. 760-749-2383

If you haven’t attended a Chamber SunRiser, it is a great venue for local businesses to connect, share and support each other. We look forward to seeing you at the next one.


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