PVI is Always in Style!


Brandon Strausbaugh, PVI Manager, had his television commercial debut sewn up!

Just as a fashion house works long and hard to get their Spring or Fall line ready for its official runway debut, PVI has been working long and hard to fashion our new  “Persona” to perfection. In fact the pattern for our new theme was cut long ago, we were just waiting for the perfect venue to put all the pieces together.

Sew, we won’t keep you on pins and needles any longer! On Tuesday, August 9th, we officially launched the new PVI “Tailor” persona with a television commercial that will run in the fall. (But more about that a little later.)

We, at PVI, believe the precision and expertise that is associated with fine craftsmanship should be applied to insurance. After all, insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s personal. It’s about the people and things that matter most to you: your family, your home, your possessions and your business.

That’s why we chose the Tailor persona, because it best reflects how we do business. When you trust your insurance needs to one of our Independent Agents, you can be confident in knowing your policy is tailored just for you, to fit your unique style and personal needs.

So why choose “off-the-rack” when we can tailor an insurance portfolio that fits you to a T? Remember, the PVI Standard is always a cut above. Give us a call today to schedule your custom fitting! 760-749-2383

And watch for our brand-new commercial! It will be airing September through November during The Neighborhood SD on The CW Channel 6 with Ty Hines!

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