Have You Met Laura Perez?


If you haven’t yet met Laura Perez, one of PVI’s newest Team Members, that’s not surprising. You see, Laura is one of those important employees who works behind the scenes to help keep everything running smoothly.

Laura, who has been with PVI for three months, is mainly responsible for administrative work, in particular focusing on the DMV services that we provide (through VCVRS) and for which she has been highly trained. Although Laura doesn’t have a lot of interaction with the public, if you happen to catch a glimpse of her in the office, you always are met with a welcoming smile. But no big surprise there, since she really enjoys her job and loves the opportunity to meet new people.

Although a resident of Vista, Laura loves working in Valley Center and calls it “an amazing small community where everyone seems very family-oriented, and are extremely kind.” When not working, she enjoys singing and participating in her church youth activities.

Once you meet Laura, it doesn’t take long to see that she is true to her personal motto: “to respect everybody and treat others the way you want to be treated.” So, if you want to be treated really special when it comes to your DMV needs, just stop by our office and let Laura handled the rest!




VALLEY CENTER VEHICLE REGISTRATION SERVICES (VCVRS) is licensed and bonded with the California Department of Motor Vehicles under O.L. License # 80175.

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