An Engaging Story with a Nice Ring to It

Brandon & Justina cropped

At PVI, we love being a part of this wonderful community and being good neighbors. Which also means we love being a part of your life’s journey, and sharing in the events that are special to you – your successes, your accomplishments, your milestones. You know, those important moments in our lives that change our course for the better. That’s what keeps us all connected.

Naturally, we all love to share the happy times with each other, such as, say, engagements and weddings. Speaking of which, we have a little news on that front of our own. In case you haven’t heard, two of our PVI Team members are a “team” themselves and recently made it official, so to speak. So it is with great pleasure and a little fanfare that we announce the engagement of Justina Ossana and Brandon Strausbaugh!

Although Brandon and Justina make quite the team, both personally and professionally, on the personal front they are blessed to have another member of the team (who also is their cheering squad) “almost-13-year-old” Landon.

Justina and Landon

Although we work hard at PVI, we know that life isn’t just about insurance, it’s about finding others who share in making the good times better (and the bad times bearable), not unlike the members of a community, and that’s why we’re so excited to share this story with you.

Although PVI can’t always “insure” the future, in this case, it definitely has insured a happy beginning!

Congratulations, Brandon and Justina! (And Landon, too!)


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