PVI Swims with the Sharks

Shark Sponsorship

Silver Sharks, Gabriel Perpetua (l) and Wyatt Hill, are on the ball when it comes to accepting the team sponsorship check from PVI. Also pictured are Brooke Dunn (l) and Jenny Boulos (r), both with PVI, and Jennifer Hill (center).

As a business that was “born and raised” in Valley Center, one of PVI’s greatest pleasures is being able to support the young people of our community. So when we were asked to sponsor the Valley Center Peewee Soccer Team – the Silver Sharks – we took the bait and embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm! And from the smiles on the faces above, I guess you could say the partnership is going swimmingly.

The Silver Sharks team is comprised of four and five year olds, and we would like to introduce you to these cuties! Pictured below are (l-r) Beckett, Zach, Sophia, Eva, Summer, Tayla, Gabriel and Wyatt. (To see a brief video of of this picture, please click here.)


Their coaches, Sarah Sanchez and Assistant Coach, Stacy Huggins, put the emphasis on good sportsmanship and teamwork, while learning the basics of the sport. Which, naturally, insures a good time for all!

Of course, no sports team is complete without the Team Moms, and pictured below are Jessica Perpetua (l) and Jennifer Hill.

sharks moms

The Silver Sharks had their first game on Saturday, September 8th. It was a really hot day, but the team didn’t let the heat slow them down, as you can see in this short video that captured a little of the action.

We’ll catch up with the Sharks a little later in the season, but in the meantime, if anything comes up, we’ll drop you a line.


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