Score Another One for the Home Team!


Although Marisela Enriquez is new to the PVI Team, she certainly is not new to Valley Center, having been born and raised in our community. And one of her favorite things about working for PVI over the last six months has been the opportunity to meet more of her neighbors and assist them in her position as Front Office Coordinator. As a result, she is very excited about the new relationships that she has formed with members of our community.

As is true of all PVI Team Members, Marisela is capable of wearing many hats, but her area of expertise is processing DMV transactions, in which she is BPA-certified. Her duties include all aspects – from renewing a registration to processing a title transfer. So if you need someone to drive the DMV process for you, give Marisela a call!

Marisela is a perfect fit for PVI and she is very adept at filling in as needed. If you stop by the PVI office, chances are that her face is the first you’ll see, which insures you of a warm welcome as it is her policy to greet everyone with a big smile and an offer of help. She thrives on being of service to our customers!

As far as future plans go, Marisela really enjoys working in the insurance environment, and she hopes to become an agent soon, so she is working toward that goal.

But as much as she loves it, all is not work with Marisela. What drives her outside of work is her passion for her family, and in particular her four-year-old son, Sunnie. She loves spending one-on-one time with him, and she also enjoys being with her extended family. She is thankful they live close enough to get together every weekend!

Also, since Sunnie just started school at Valley Center Primary, Marisela plans on volunteering there as much as she can. As she said, “I love doing arts and crafts with the kids!”

Marisela is pleased to be raising her son in her hometown. As she says, “I love Valley Center! I feel we have a great community. Valley Center is such a small town and I feel everyone is super involved with everything.”

At PVI, we couldn’t agree more, and we are fortunate to have Marisela as a part of our Home Team!

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