Mixing It Up with VC Oil

Dave B. VC Oil

If you’ve been around Valley Center for any length of time, you probably have had the pleasure of meeting Dave Bohorquez, owner of Valley Center Oil Corp. If not, let us introduce you with a little history:

The VC Oil building, located at 28010 Valley Center Road, has been a fixture in Valley Center for close to 80 years. Dave’s family took over the business in 1976 and Dave assumed the business in 2010.

One of the things you notice when talking with Dave is that he lives small, but thinks big. He has loved the small-town community aspect of Valley Center since he was a teenager working at the business during the summer for his uncle. Later, after his dad took over the business, Dave filled in when his dad was dealing with health issues, and Dave discovered he really enjoyed the interaction he had with locals who would stop by and chat for a bit. In fact, that remains his favorite part of the business! Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to do that as much as he’d like.

You see, Dave is a busy guy! Not only does VC Oil offer gas (full- and self-service), but they also have a mini-mart (snacks, drinks, beer & wine, gifts/knick-knacks, etc.), a full-line of auto parts, U-Haul, and propane. Now Dave also is in the process of adding a new venture to the mix – a Little Caesars Pizza Express that should launch within the next 4-6 months. (He also has some other ideas he’s working on, but those aren’t for public “consumption” yet.)

Dave B pizza shot

Dave standing in the location of the future home of his Little Caesars Express

Although the saying goes that oil and water don’t mix, that certainly is not the case at VC Oil, where Dave has opened his doors – so to speak – to car washes for numerous community groups and charitable causes to help support their respective fundraising efforts. Dave provides the space, water and hoses; and the groups provide the labor, soap and tools. Together, a lot of money has been raised to support community members and various activities. In fact, another car wash is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th, that will benefit VC Firefighters. (The car wash also includes a barbecue.)

Dave and his family also are longtime supporters of 4-H, well known for buying animals at the annual auction and donating to the scholarship fund.

So as you can see, Dave and VC Oil reflect the best scenario for our community: offering first-class services, while serving our community with class. In other words, a perfect mix for Valley Center!

Be sure and check them out on Facebook! 

VC Oil

28010 Valley Center Rd

Valley Center, California




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