What’s the “Buzz” with PVI and Spins?

Ted & Brandon

As we all know, no one spins coffee like Ted Hackleman, so PVI is excited to announce our newest partnership with Spins Coffee Truck! Beginning this month, PVI will feature a signature drink each month with a special promotion for you to enjoy!

What’s the “buzz” behind this fun, new venture? Brandon Strausbaugh, PVI’s General Manager, (who is a regular feature at Spins himself) was feeling a little fallish and suggested a new flavor combination he wanted Ted to try. They both loved the result and thought it would be great to share with other customers. So after discussion, the decision was made not only to share the flavor, but PVI decided to treat our friends and neighbors as well! Thus, our newest community connection was born.

So what is the PVI signature drink for November? It’s “Brandon’s Buzz!” – a delicious latte with a flavor combination of honey and cinnamon, making it the perfect Fall drink!

Just stop by Spins Coffee Truck between now and the end of November and order “Brandon’s Buzz” and enjoy your drink for half price, compliments of PVI. (One drink per person per day through November 30th.)

But remember, you have to order it by name to receive the discount, so mention “Brandon’s Buzz” and you’ll receive a honey of a deal!

Spins Coffee Truck is parked at 27932 Valley Center Rd (by Country Cuts), Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 pm.
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