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Another Illuminating Study on Headlights

Chances are, when you purchased your most recent vehicle, headlight performance was not a deciding factor. But, since most of us don’t like to take chances with our safety and that of our passengers, it is worthy of consideration, especially … Continue reading

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Shining Some Light on Headlights

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently conducted its first-ever test of automobile headlights. The results may surprise you. According to this study, only one vehicle qualified for the highest rating of “Good” – the Toyota Prius – out … Continue reading

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What You Shold Know When Your Teen Begins To Drive Part 1

As parents, we often can’t control what happens to our children as they grow up and begin to drive, but we can make sure they are properly prepared when they get behind the wheel. which  s why we recommend letting your teen … Continue reading

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